About Our School

Mount View Primary School Is Committed To

  • Providing High Quality, cost effective educational services.
  • Ensuring that learning takes place in a safe, collaborative and caring enviroment
  • Teaching and Learning Which Values inquiry and development skill sets which allow students to think critically and creatively
  • Developing students' curiosity and knowledge about the world
  • Following our school moto of 'Scientia ab initia', Science from the beginning.Thus helping Students Awareness of their own perspectives and undestadning those of others.
  • Enhancing student's Awreness of their own perspectives and understanding those of others
  • being responsible, Through developing attiudes and undertaking actions that are socially and ethically sound
  • Providing Modern Teaching methodologies , facilites and services
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of the quality of teaching and learning

Mission Statement

At Mount View Primary school our Mission is to provide the highest quality, cost effective education in a safe, secure and caring environment for all students


Mount view primary School aspires to engage and inspire students to become lifelong learners. Within a Safe, Secure and caring community, students become life long learners and global citizens. We value calture diversity and our enviroment

A Vision of the Future

Mount View Primary School has celebrated over fifty years of teaching and learning Some of its graduates occupy important roles in all aspects of Malawian life.Our staff and dedicated, Committed, Passionate educators who care deeply about their students and about the institution. We are committed to continually improving and developing the school to successfully prepare our student for the challenges of our changing world

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